ItalianLondon meets….NANCY DELL’OLIO


ItalianLondon caught up with the ever glamorous Italian lawyer Nancy Dell’Olio recently at new members club Lights of Soho, for a tasting of Limonbello – her new organic and sugar free version of the ever popular sweet Italian digestif, Limoncello.

The drink which is created by infusing Sicilian lemon skins in alcohol, is based on an old family recipe and taps into the low calorie market.


The drink is actually delicious, not only in it’s natural form on the rocks, but also in various cocktails we tried – including a Limonsecco (with Prosecco), a Lionbello Margarita, and a Mojito version too.

We can’t wait to see this on the shelves soon along with a rumoured Limonsecco that the entrepreneur may be bringing out soon too ;)