L'amore dell'aperitivo

L’amore dell’aperitivo









Aperitivo in London

More and more bars and restaurants in London are coming around to the idea of ‘Aperitivo’, the time-honoured pre dinner tradition from the North of Italy, which gives you a chance to unwind, socialise and enjoy some complimentary nibbles over a pre dinner drink.

Aperitivo, traditionally between the hours of around 6pm-9pm, can be found all over Italy, although it’s far more popular in the North and in particular Milan, who in my opinion are the masters of Aperitivo.

The food accompanying Aperitivo can range from simple canapes and crisps, to an abundance of freshly cooked pasta, platters of cold meats and cheeses, pizza and salads. In fact at some Aperitivo you certainly don’t go hungry!

Campari and Aperol form the base….more here